Politica de returnare

  1. Only goods that have been purchased from the seller and are the property of the consumer can be claimed.
  2. If the buyer is a consumer (a natural person who does not carry out his / her business, occupation or occupation), a warranty of 24 months is provided for all goods offered unless the goods are otherwise stated and processed under the Consumer Protection Act; The Civil Code and these Complaints. If the buyer ordered the used item and was informed by the buyer, the warranty period is 12 months. If the buyer is not a consumer, this is done in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code and the warranty period is 1 year and these claims are not covered by these Terms of Claim.
  3. The warranty period begins on the date of receipt of the goods from the shipping company or directly from the seller if the goods are taken over by the buyer in person, on the day of its takeover.
  4. The buyer is obliged to apply the claim immediately to the seller immediately after the defect is discovered.
  5. Liability for defects does not apply to defects caused by the following use:
    1. the defect caused by mechanical damage to the product caused by the buyer,
    2. misuse of the product in a manner other than that specified in the instructions for use,
    3. the use of the goods under conditions that do not reflect their humidity, the chemical and mechanical effects of the natural environment of the goods according to the instructions,
    4. neglect of care and maintenance of goods,
    5. excessive damage to goods,
    6. use of the goods in violation of the conditions stated in the documentation, general principles, technical standards or safety regulations or any other breach of warranty conditions.
  6. Defects resulting from natural disasters are also excluded from the liability for defects.
  7. Liability for defects also does not apply to the normal wear and tear of goods (or parts thereof) caused by the use of the goods. A defect can not be considered as a result of the nature of the case, the length of its minimum durability or the period of consumption, which may be limited to a shorter period of time. Minimum shelf-life, shelf-life, consumption or similar time is indicated on the item and subject to such marking.
  8. Claimed goods must be sent to our address below, but not to the delivery or personally to the contact address. The goods must be properly packed so that the goods are not damaged during transport and we recommend that the goods be sent by registered mail or by registered mail. A copy of the purchase receipt (invoice) and description of the defect must be attached to the goods, or we recommend that you attach the completed Claim Form together with the purchase receipt. Claims must be sent only in writing (by post) or in person (not by email).
  9. The seller confirms the receipt of the claim and gives the buyer a receipt to claim the goods in the appropriate form. The day of delivery of the claim is the delivery date to the seller. If it is not possible to deliver the receipt immediately, it must be delivered without undue delay, but at the latest with the proof of proof. Your claim confirmation will be sent in writing.
  10. The seller is required to determine how the claim can be claimed immediately, in complex cases within 3 days of the date of the claim. In justified cases, especially if complex technical recovery of the goods is required no later than 30 days after the date of the claim. After determining the way the complaint is handled, the seller resells the complaint immediately, and in justified cases the complaint can be reclaimed later. However, the claim may not be longer than 30 days from the date of the claim. After the 30-day deadline for claim settlement, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract and will be reimbursed the full amount for the goods or has the right to exchange the goods for a new one.
  11. Buyer's rights to claim:
    1. in the case of a defect that can be remedied, the buyer has the right to be removed free of charge, timely and properly, and this defect must be removed without undue delay,
    2. the buyer may, instead of removing the defect, request the exchange of the thing, or the defect only concerns part of the thing, the replacement of the part and the seller does not incur disproportionate costs in relation to the price of the goods or the seriousness of the defect,
    3. the seller may, instead of removing the defect, replace the defective thing as the perfect thing if the buyer does not cause serious difficulties,
    4. in the case of a defect which can not be eliminated and which prevents the proper use of the case, the buyer has the right to exchange the item or to withdraw from the contract. The buyer also has the same right in the case of removable defects, but if the buyer can not properly use the defects after repair or for more defects,
    5. in the case of other non-removable defects, the buyer is entitled to an appropriate discount on the price of the thing.
  12. Complaints are deemed to be provided if the claim is terminated by handing over the goods complained of, by exchanging or returning the purchase price of the goods, by a written request for the execution of the performance or by reasoned refusal.
  13. Complaints are deemed to have been provided when claims are terminated by returning the goods (by replacement, repair) by returning the purchase price of the goods, by providing a reasonable discount or by reasoned refusal. The consumer is informed of the outcome of the complaint procedure within the statutory time limit.
  14. Do not damage the goods, respectively. the integrity of the packaging (according to the instructions for picking up the goods) should be checked during picking up of the goods as the goods may be damaged during transport. We recommend buyers to unpack the goods and see them in the presence of the carrier. By signing the courier you declare that the packaging is undamaged.
  15. These Complaints are an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions, and the Seller reserves the right to change them at any time without prior notice from the Seller.
  16. Contact ITeON, s.r.o., Němcovej 30, 040 01 Kosice, Slovak republic | shop@hainesimple.ro

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